Assault with a deadly weapon has become a very common charge against people in San Bernardino for a variety of reasons. In the past this crime was reserved for situations where an actual weapon was involved, and usually only when just one person had the weapon—the defendant.

More than a Simple Weapon

Today, hands, fists, elbows, and any other use of the body can be charged as an assault with a deadly weapon. If the opponent, the “alleged victim” is injured with anything more than a bruise, you might be charged with enhancements, including “great bodily injury,” which can add additional possible imprisonment to any conviction. Whether you are a trained fighter or martial artist, or an “average Joe”, your hands, feet, and more can be considered deadly weapons.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Increased Injury can Increase Consequences

Depending upon the extent of the injury to the other person, the allegation of “great bodily injury” not only enhances the possible sentencing, it might also make the crime a “strike.” Use of a weapon, like a gun or knife, is almost always treated as a “strike.” The right defense can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. Again, self-defense is always a possible defense. There can be many reasons for the conduct, which has been the basis of the crime charged. Should you be convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, the proper defense will greatly impact the severity of sentencing. Do not leave these aspects of your case up to chance. Call San Bernardino assault with a deadly weapon defense attorney Gary Wenkle Smith at 909-546-4214 to help you or a loved one get the best defense possible.