Rodney C. – Child Molestation Case Victory

Child Molestation Case Victory Rodney C. had no prior criminal history when he was accused of various child molesting crimes with his niece, during a three year period, beginning with her 13th birthday. She had reported a variety of sexual activities occurring on a daily basis. Rodney's bail was too high for him to post a bond, so he stayed in custody while awaiting trial. His first lawyer had made some serious mistakes, and his [...]

Rocky R. – Child Molestation Trial Victory

Child Molestation Trial Victory Rocky R., who had no criminal history, was accused of molesting his niece. She claimed it was by force. Her story was that he had offered to massage her legs, and during the massage, he forced his finger under her shorts, and into her, and kept it there for a period of time. Because such a charge is a "strike", and force was alleged, the bail was very high, and his [...]

Mitch S.

Child Abuse and Molestation Trial Victory Mitch S. was in his fifties, with no criminal history, had a great job, a beautiful home which he owned, and thought life was pretty good when he married his wife, a woman with several grown children, and a couple of grandchildren. Shortly after their whirlwind romance resulted in marriage, his wife started inviting her children to stay with them. At first, Mitch did not mind. However, as time [...]

Ken P.

Molestation Case Victory Ken P. had no criminal history before he was accused of molesting his two step-nieces. The accusations were made long after the alleged crimes took place. One young woman reported that he had molested her eleven years prior, and that she never told about it because she didn't want to cause trouble in the family. Her cousin reported that he had done essentially the same thing to her about seven years later. [...]

Jack D.

Molestation Trial Victory Jack D., who had no criminal history, was accused of molesting his two daughters, and his granddaughter. The accusations began when a CPS worker got an anonymous call that he was molesting one of his daughters--the youngest. The CPS worker came to the school where all three girls attended, and had the youngest daughter, who was seven at the time, brought into a private room where she questioned her about whether her [...]

Efrain E.

Sodomy Trial Victory Efrain E. was a hard-working family man who spent his off days trying to make the family residence a show place for his wife. Whatever she asked him to do, he did it, and he rarely had a free day. He was even hand digging a swimming pool because he could not afford it any other way. He was from Mexico, and his English was better than my Spanish, but he still [...]

Chris H.

Rape Trial Victory Chris H. had no prior criminal history when he was arrested and accused of forcible rape; rape of an intoxicated person, and sexual battery, two of which are strikes, and all of which are registerable sex offenses. One Friday night, Chris was out with a friend. He was 22-years old at the time, and he and his friend were drinking and looking for women. Chris had some luck at a bar, but [...]

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