Criminal Defense

Sean B

Sean was charged with murder for shooting a man he claimed had threatened to kill him, and he expected would kill the witnesses to it, two of his women friends. We argued that it was self-defense. The deceased had become violent on more than one occasion, and was known to [...]

3 Possible Defenses in Murder Cases

As one of the best trial lawyers in California, I have built my practice and reputation on representing serious felony cases, and I have a track record of success--including a significant number of murder cases. I want to review 3 different successful defenses of murder to assist potential clients in [...]

The Deputy at the Court told us “You hired the finest Attorney I’ve ever seen”

Our son was facing a murder charge, and even though it was self defense, it was a very difficult case to beat, with some very unusual and difficult circumstances. We interviewed 3 attorneys but the third attorney referred us to Gary...saying he would be the best guy for this particular [...]

The Police Showed Up At My house. What Are My rights?

One of the incredibly wonderful things about living in the United States is that your rights are vigorously protected by our Constitution. Fourth Amendment rights are one of the most fundamental of those rights and when the police knock on your door you should know your guarantees. Your Rights: the [...]

Accusation of Child Molestation

Child molestation is a sex crime involving any lewd acts with a child, including using force, violence or fear. Sentencing for this crime can vary from several years in prison to a life sentence depending on the: Child’s age. The younger the child alleged to have been molested, and greater the age [...]

Charges of Rape

Rape is forcible sexual intercourse after the alleged victim: Claims to have been attacked and sexually assaulted; or Stated that they did not want to engage in sex while engaged in romantic activities; or Was incapable of preventing unwanted sex. A conviction for rape requires lifetime registration as a sex [...]


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