Murder is defined in California as the unlawful killing of a human being. When accused of a crime of this magnitude, your selection of a criminal defense lawyer may be the difference between a conviction and a not guilty verdict. If you are seeking help for a family member or friend who has been accused of murder in San Bernardino, or the surrounding areas, Gary Wenkle Smith is the top criminal defense lawyer with a tremendous record of trial victories.

Unlawful Killing of a Human Being – Was it Murder?

In the California definition of murder “unlawful” is the critical term. Murder defense attorney, Gary Wenkle Smith says, “It has been my experience, that most often, people kill for a reason. Many times that reason is self-defense, or defense of another. That takes the killing out of the realm of murder.”

What Can I Expect from a Murder Defense Trial Lawyer?

You will be made aware of the specifics of the charges being brought against you; what the witnesses are claiming; what scientific evidence exists; whether experts will be needed for the defense of the case; and whether it will be necessary for you to testify at trial. You can expect Gary Wenkle Smith to defend you skillfully at every turn. He will prepare you to testify. He will spend time with you, getting to know you, and developing the story of the case. In California, a conviction for murder results in a sentence of at least 25-years to life in prison. The use of a firearm can increase that punishment another 25-years, consecutive time. A client who is fully informed about the case, and who has regular contact with his/her lawyer is the client who has a chance to be found not guilty.

When Should I Call a Murder Defense Lawyer?

When you have been accused of killing another person, it is important to have a highly skilled and experienced San Bernardino murder defense attorney immediately. Call San Bernardino murder defense attorney Gary Wenkle Smith at 909-546-4214 to help you or a loved one get the best defense possible.