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“To Martin, the world was whatever he saw and wanted, nothing more. His dad was important because he would leave him a fortune. His mother would do whatever his dad told her to do. His sisters were insignificant. He paid them homage only when everyone was watching. Otherwise, they didn’t deserve his regard. A clinical psychologist would undoubtedly label Martin as a true sociopath.

As such, he could easily order the execution of two men who had served him loyally. He didn’t think about their lives being ended. He didn’t care that they might have loved ones somewhere who would suffer their loss. He wasn’t possessed of emotional content, was devoid of conscience. Now facing a charge of murder his only concern was how long it would take finish the case.”


By Gary Wenkle Smith

“THE LAST MIDNIGHT” is now available for purchase!

It is available on Amazon, click the link below to buy your copy today!


Can the truth be proven with lies? Troubled by the senseless death of his wife, Patrick Moynihan, a highly respected attorney, throws himself into his work as he attempts to put behind him the nightmares that plague his soul. A provocative diversion arises when he takes on the defense of a high-profile murder case. His best friend and investigator, Tommy Krumholtz, joins Patrick at his side once again. They soon discover that their worst adversary may be the wealthy and powerful father of their client. The case draws media attention over the discovery of compelling new evidence against their client, as well as the exposure of the corruption of key figures within the justice system. A cast of unique and unusual characters fills the story, leading to a trial with unanticipated twists, ultimately revealing the power of an underworld that may be the only real seat of judgment.

The Last Midnight by Gary Wenkle Smith

The Last Midnight by Gary Wenkle Smith

A glimpse…

“My friends call me Tommy.”

“Please, have a seat. Tell me why you have honored me with this visit. You come with a big rep, Tommy. People respect you. Even those you took down in your day. Some of them are my associates. But you seem to be a long way from home with me.”

“I thought we were going to be up front.”

They smiled for a moment, but Junior’s demeanor abruptly changed.

“If you’re here about the woman beater, there’s nothing to discuss.”

Junior’s face clouded. The environment of the room changed, like a storm was brewing.

Tommy paused, gazing at Junior with a quizzical look.

“I wouldn’t interfere with such matters…