Civil Rights

San Bernardino Criminal Defense Attorney Gary Wenkle Smith’s Trial Victories

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SENTINEL Deliberating A Single Day, Jury Acquits Fletchner On All Counts V I C T O R V I L L E — Friday, August 19, 2011 Dennis L. Flechtner was acquitted of murder in the 2009 shooting deaths of three people, three days after he took [...]

Sean B

Sean was charged with murder for shooting a man he claimed had threatened to kill him, and he expected would kill the witnesses to it, two of his women friends. We argued that it was self-defense. The deceased had become violent on more than one occasion, and was known to [...]

Trial Victory for J.R. – Resisting an Executive Order Trial Victory

Resisting an Executive Order Trial Victory J.R. had prior convictions for some drug related offenses about ten years before the night in question. On the night of his arrest, he had a single car accident with a tree and a block wall at the back of a house in a [...]

Tom B. – Battery Trial Victory

Battery Trial Victory Tom B., who had no prior convictions, was accused of brutally beating his live-in girlfriend. Tom swore to me that he had never hit a woman, and that everyone who knew him would swear that they knew how important in Tom's values system it was to respect [...]

Rodney C. – Child Molestation Case Victory

Child Molestation Case Victory Rodney C. had no prior criminal history when he was accused of various child molesting crimes with his niece, during a three year period, beginning with her 13th birthday. She had reported a variety of sexual activities occurring on a daily basis. Rodney's bail was too [...]

Rocky R. – Child Molestation Trial Victory

Child Molestation Trial Victory Rocky R., who had no criminal history, was accused of molesting his niece. She claimed it was by force. Her story was that he had offered to massage her legs, and during the massage, he forced his finger under her shorts, and into her, and kept [...]


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