Tom B. – Battery Trial Victory

Battery Trial Victory Tom B., who had no prior convictions, was accused of brutally beating his live-in girlfriend. Tom swore to me that he had never hit a woman, and that everyone who knew him would swear that they knew how important in Tom's values system it was to respect women, and that he had always been the one to speak out against rude behavior toward women. His many friends did in fact report the [...]

Brad M.

Hung Jury & Dismissal Trial Victory Brad and his best friend were out having a beer after Sunday football.  They were with a couple of friends.  Two of the guys went to a different bar, where they were confronted by two men, who threatened them and challenged them to a fight.  They left, and later Brad and his best friend left the area in Brad’s vehicle. Within minutes Brad received a call from one of the men who [...]

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