Civil Rights

On Ice Case

It was around 10:30 p.m. as they watched the car drive into the driveway and park. A very large black man got out. The young white man from the house came out and greeted him with a handshake, and then a hug. They spoke for a minute, and the large [...]

The Police Showed Up At My house. What Are My rights?

One of the incredibly wonderful things about living in the United States is that your rights are vigorously protected by our Constitution. Fourth Amendment rights are one of the most fundamental of those rights and when the police knock on your door you should know your guarantees. Your Rights: the [...]

More About Saying “NO!!”

A year ago last Christmas time, I was attending a “Toy Run” held by some of my friends who are local motorcycle enthusiasts. The location was at a place in Yucaipa called “Angels Roadhouse.” The driveway into the parking lot for the place was narrowed by orange “cones” so that [...]

Standing Tall on Your Rights

We are not all heroes, and not all of us are good fighters, or even tough. However, we can all be willing. We can all stand tall, even if that means we must take some abuse. A few days ago one of my Clients called me to tell me that [...]

Can the Police Lie to Me?

Working as a criminal defense attorney, I remember a vice cop with whom I had become friendly telling me about his way of setting a scene so that people would sell him drugs. He was a biker looking man with tattoos, a full mustache, long hair; a rough looking guy [...]

Freedom From Unreasonable Searches and Seizures Is Not a Technicality

We have all heard the expression from the media “he beat it on a technicality.” Or “based upon a technicality, the evidence was not allowed, and the accused was set free,” or phrases of that kind.  The implication always is that somehow the guilty person was unjustly set free. What [...]


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