Client Recommendations


"Thirty years of trustworthy advice and service. Gary Wenkle Smith has been our "go to" attorney for our family for over 30 years. He is easy to get a hold of, no matter what time of day or night. He has handled all of our family cases, which have been a few, I must say, with the utmost professionalism. Without being too specific, he has kept our family members from being treated un fairly in the court system. Because of Mr. smith's vast experience, and his many years of service in our community, and for our family personally, I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a predicament where they are facing charges, and possible jail time, especially in criminal cases where the individual feels that they are truly innocent. Mr. Smith, knows the law, inside and out."


"GARY WENKLE SMITH SAVED MY LIFE! My life was literally hanging in the balance, after a series of bad choices both alcohol and drug induced led me into an arson charge. Gary Wenkle Smith's exceptional knowledge of the law coupled with his experience and the relationships he has formed in the judicial community allowed him to formulate a course of action that gave me a second chance to live a productive life."


" I didn't know Gary prior to retaining him in 1990 to represent my wife in a federal criminal matter. Although he came very highly recommended, I was still surprised by what an effective lawyer he is. In response to my queries, I heard things like "a real warrior," "someone who will go the distance," "He will fight for you, like you're his own blood." I found that even those references didn't describe the man I had the good fortune to retain. It only took a moment to realize I was dealing with a man of honor and integrity; someone with a passion for the law and fighting for his clients. His courtroom demeanor went beyond my expectations; his rapport with the judge was like no other I have seen. Gary is one of the only lawyers I've known who has been to hell and knows what it's like -- he will do everything he can to keep anyone else from ever having to go there. His representation of my wife was no exception, she walked out of the courtroom a free woman. Whenever I'm asked if I know a good attorney, I say "No, but I know a great one!""


"In 2009, my family and I hired Mr. Smith to represent my brother who was charged with 3 counts of Homicide. After being tried in front of a jury, Gary was successful in proving Self Defense and got my brother acquitted of all charges. Mr. Smith was very thorough and accurate in providing a forensic expert, CCTV video, and witnesses during the trial. He had a great rapport with the jury, which I thought was extremely important, and he also maintained constant communication with my brother and my family during the evolution of the trial - that way, we were all on the same page, and knew what to expect. His weekly visits with my brother kept him affront of all procedures and gave my him the most vital thing of all - HOPE. I highly recommend Gary Wenkle Smith for anyone needing a defense lawyer. Simply put, he saved my family."


"Gary is a very aggressive lawyer but a very warm hearted friend. I had several cases going at once and I felt absolutely ashamed, hopeless and scared. Gary rescued me from myself. I just wanted to plead guilty and start my time that I would get. He said absolutely not. He believed in me and proved to the courts that I was a worthy individual who made a few bad decisions and deserved to keep my freedom. I have not done a day in jail on any case that Gary represented me.  My rebel days are over so my conversations with Gary these days are about our kids and grandkids and beautiful places to vacation, but I can still call him for advice and he is always willing to give it. How many attorney's do you know that will answer their home office phone up until 8pm? If you need Captain America to rescue you call Gary Wenkle Smith the best criminal defense attorney in the Inland Empire. I have a very special love for him, Thank you for being my friend and the best lawyer one could ever ask for."


"Gary handled my family’s criminal case several years ago. He got my parents and brother out of jail for alleged crimes they did not commit. The courts acquitted my family of all charges. He then went after the county for the harm they had done to my family. Gary did not give up on any battle during our lengthy litigation process and I am very grateful for his help. Gary is an extremely capable attorney and an even better human being. His passion for what he does and his values set him apart from other attorneys that I have met over the years. He understands his client’s situations and helps them to the best of his ability. He is one of few reasons I am in college and planning to attend law school."


"I've known Gary for almost ten years. Gary is the only attorney that has shown a confidence in making sure nothing was going to happen to me. When the state added charges to my case, he assured me they wouldn't stick. I now live in Phoenix Arizona and wish I had an attorney as competent and reassuring as Gary was. The only answer I was given in my previous case was "nothing can be guaranteed." Gary guaranteed success and he fulfilled his promise.  Thanks Gary"


"Hiring Gary Smith was the smartest thing we've ever done. He was always honest about what was going on in our sons case. He never made promises he couldn't keep. He never sugar coated anything. Just an all-around honest, trust worthy attorney. And you can bet if we ever need to hire a lawyer again, we wouldn't hesitate to call him again for representation. Thanks Gary, you're the best!!!"

Johnny C

A true blessing when I needed one. The case was stacked against me from the start. Gary was the right lawyer to deal with a very nasty case. He worked extremely hard for me and with me to get my life back. He saw the truth when things looked very dim. I can't thank him enough.

Chris H

"From the first time I met Gary I knew he was my guy. There was a certain confidence about him, so I retained him. Once I became Gary's client, he took me in like family. He really cared about me, and I knew that. With Gary I was confidant going to trial. I felt that with him I couldn't lose. I Knew that he was going to get the best outcome for me, and he did. "Not Guilty" Thank you brother. To this day I still consider him family and to my kids he is Uncle Gary. If you need a defense attorney, Gary Smith is the man, especially if you are going to trial. It's what he does. You can put your trust in him."

The Deputy at the Court told us “You hired the finest Attorney I’ve ever seen”

Our son was facing a murder charge, and even though it was self defense, it was a very difficult case to beat, with some very unusual and difficult circumstances. We interviewed 3 attorneys but the third attorney referred us to Gary...saying he would be the best guy for this particular case....and he was right. We had an hour long "consultation" with him on the phone (as he was out of town at the time) before we met him in person. His voice alone was so soothing. We fought a long battle, because as I said before, it was a difficult case, 2 trials, the first one a hung jury, but the 2nd one brought our son home with a "NOT GUILTY" verdict. After the trial, most of the jurors stayed and talked to us for quite a while, and they all agreed that if they or any family member will ever need a defense attorney, they will be calling Gary. There were many times we questioned if we would ever hear those words (not guilty), but Gary was always confident and comforting, even when our faith was tested...But it's not just that...he truly cares about his clients and their families...he becomes your friend. He is even a huge hit at the courthouse...so charismatic. But above all....this guy is beyond question an awesome litigator...great at tripping up and discrediting prosecution witnesses, great at bringing out the truth, and just an all out great defender. I can't say enough about how much we appreciate Gary, and how hard he fought for our son...he brought our granddaughter's daddy home. We love you Gary!


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