During their weekly meeting on the Van Peltzer case, Tommy passed along the report of two dead men found in Danbrier, whom he heard worked for Martin. Patrick was distracted. Tommy knew why but had yet to raise the subject.

“I think the P.D. is playing this off as drug-related, but if we’re willing to consider our boy is involved this is probably elimination of witnesses. I think these two were part of the crew he brought to the hotel. If someone connects those dots, the chickens are going to come home to roost.”

Patrick didn’t respond immediately. He was standing, gazing out the window toward the ocean. When he turned to face Tommy, he had a confused look, almost as if he hadn’t heard what was said, or if he did it was something that meant little to him.

“Where are we on the witnesses? Wasn’t there some kind of video? I still haven’t seen it.”

He was off balance, and Tommy responded only to the questions.

“I’m on the witnesses, and there are a few, but we don’t have all the discovery from Fulton yet. You may want to send him another request. I think the video could be a bad piece of evidence. Word is there was video from the entry and registration area, as well as the fourth floor. That’s what might connect these two new murders to our boy. Also, the Sheriff ’s people took the case from the P.D. This isn’t passing the smell test.”

Tommy remained neutral. He was seated in his chair to the side of Patrick’s desk, focusing more on his friend than the case. He was seeing something he didn’t like and considered an intervention.

“Okay. I’ll send the letter. Keep me posted, please.”

Tommy didn’t offer a reply. He remained in his chair waiting for his friend to step out of the haze and engage him.

Following the death of Rebecca his best friend had changed significantly. He was still a great lawyer in any given courtroom. However, his personal affect around those who knew him best had changed to the point where he at times seemed robotic.

Since his involvement with Priscilla Morrison, he was further out of sorts.

Tommy knew his friend needed human touch, but Priscilla Morrison was more like a rattlesnake. He chose to wait until the right time to broach the issue.